WEMOVE DEFI is bringing together a strong community ready to both question and challenge the status quo of the world around them. We aim to revamp Africa’s narrative by building a bridge between worlds from science, business, and finance to music, art, and everywhere in between. We prepare the future of tomorrow, so they can continue to build and support beautiful Alkebulan. More.

Since 2017, the Blockchain House team has been providing market making services for cryptocurrency projects. As a result of many years of software development for the internal support of the market makers team, a service of algorithmic solutions for managing crypto-assets on cryptocurrency exchanges Market Making Pro was created. This software is used on more than 48+ cryptocurrency exchanges, supporting the trading of various assets. More.

Kirobo’s decentralized applications remove the risk of losing funds enabling you to use blockchain technology to its fullest potential from one consolidated platform. More.

What if there is an easy solution to all your trip planning woes? Introducing xTripz – the world’s first community owned and governed Web3 travel platform. xTripz facilitates discovery, shopping, booking and payment of travel experiences. Users can pay in fiat currencies, major cryptocurrencies and $XTR, our native travel token. Within the xTripz ecosystem, $XTR travel token can be used for payment, rewards, incentives and providing liquidity to token pools for additional rewards. More.