Feature List

WEMOVE DEFI is an RFI, Auto-Liquidity Generating, Empowerment Token. Launching on MoonBeam and Binance Smart chain networks via PadSwap. It is a cross-chain, decentralized finance platform focused on “made in Africa” and its diaspora community. WEMOVE is creating an ecosystem for e-commerce, a social remittance platform, GameFi, and an African NFT music and real estate platform like no other.

Market maker (MM) is a market participant who creates token liquidity by placing transactions and controlling the price of an asset on the market.

We are big believers in cryptocurrency and its potential. But limitations in safety and user experience are holding potential users back from adopting this amazing technology.

We all love to travel and enjoy nice things in life… but planning a vacation is not exactly the easiest thing on earth. We spend hours researching where to go, what to do and what to see, and scouring for the best deals before booking.